Sales Star Networks is a rewrite of the old adage, “The early bird gets the worm.”

The concept is particularly relevant to search behavior characteristics for an internet user.

The internet searcher typically values time and will search for 30 minutes and up to two hours for an answer. Then, if their internet search is unsuccessful, they will move on to other methods for completing their project. Typically Sales Star websites are positioned to be “discovered” in the initial stages of a search.


When this occurs the process is predictable:

  1. The searcher (also known as our prospect) opts to fill in our landing page with information about specific immediate needs along with other identifiable data.
  2. Sales Star validates the information. Next Sales Star sends the prospect profiles of local accounting firms and simultaneously distributes their service request on a real time basis to a maximum of four service providers in the specified service area.
  3. The task of each service provider is to respond to the prospects needs as quickly as

possible. Because response time is of the essence many successful service get referrals by text so the click a link and have the customer on the phone in seconds. Our goal is to bring the prospect's search to a “STOP” by being responsive to their needs quickly because this effectively reduces competition for the business.

With a proper focus on the concept of speed it's fair to say that the closing rate of long time customers exceeds 20%. Experience has shown that a very high return on investment is achievable with a closing rate of only 10%. You too can prove, “It's not the big that eat the small, it's the quick that eat the slow.”

Sales Star Networks can dramatically enhance your business.